About Us

macombasa.org is a dynamically developing company in the microfinance market of the United States.

We are developing step by step every day. Now our referral service has a fully automated system of business processes, which allows us to conduct a qualitative assessment of the borrower using a scoring system developed by the IT department.

During our work, our company has become one of the recognized leaders in the microfinance market. An active position in business, a competent development strategy and a strong team of employees allowed the company to open to promote the online lending market. For numerous regular customers, Payday Loans Michigan is an easy and affordable way to get cash loans on favorable terms.

Our referral service guarantees:

  • possibility of early and partial repayment;
  • extension of the term of the agreement, if necessary;
  • loyal approach to each client;
  • a large number of discounts and promotions;
  • safety of the client’s personal data;
  • improving the client’s credit history with timely repayment;
  • open and transparent information about interest rates and payments.

When do you need an online loan?

Who to ask for a loan when you urgently need money? Friends recently bought a car, and my parents went on vacation. The bank asks for a stack of documents and takes a long time to make a decision. Today, Americans increasingly address microfinance organizations (MFIs) to get a small amount of money quickly. What is it and how to cooperate with them?

When you urgently need to borrow money before your paycheck, an MFI is a great option. Usually companies issue loans up $2,500 for 30 days. You can choose the exact amount and term yourself. Some companies have established electronic document management. That simplifies the process of cooperation – everything takes place online. And the money is transferred directly to the card.

Imagine you are renovating your kitchen. As is often the case, the budget for it went beyond the plan. The store has a profitable promotion for a sink that will perfectly fit into the new interior. Online lenders just do not ask for the reason for applying and your credit history. This means that you will save time on negotiations and have time to take advantage of the store’s discount.


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